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            Auto parts maintenance

            Source:Jinhua Haoxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-06-04

            Heat protection

            If the engine piston temperature is too high, it will easily lead to overheating and melting, and the cylinder will be overheated; rubber seals, triangle tapes, tires, etc. will overheat, easy to premature aging, performance degradation, shortened service life; starter, generator, regulator and other electrical equipment The coil is overheated and extremely burnt and scrapped.

            Avoid the dirty

            If the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, and various types of filters are too dirty, the filtration effect will be poor. Parts such as the radiator fins, the air-cooled engine block and the cylinder head fins, and the cooler fins are too dirty, resulting in poor heat dissipation and high temperatures.


            The engine cylinder head gasket can not be reversed during installation, otherwise it will cause premature ablation damage of the cylinder head gasket; the engine fan blades should not be reversed when installed; for tires with directional pattern, herringbone pattern tires, the ground footprint after installation should be The tip of the finger points to the back.


            Engine valve locks should be installed in pairs. If they are missing or missing: they will cause the valve to run out of control and crash the piston; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, split pins mounted on the drive shaft bolts, locking screws, fuses Locking devices such as spring pads, if leaked, may cause serious failures during use; if the oil nozzles used to lubricate the gears in the engine timing gear chamber are missing, it will cause serious oil leakage.